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It is quite extraordinary

It is quite an extraordinary project to produce a CD with music by a composer who only lived to be twenty-four years old. The music composed by Dick Kattenburg, though, fully deserves this attention. Dick Kattenburg was one of the greatest musical talents of his generation. He was murdered in a concentration camp during the Second World War. Since he died so young, he had not even a chance to start a real career; after the war hardly anybody remembered him. His compositions were apparently lost. Only in recent years, almost by chance, some twenty of his compositions have resurfaced. Musicians were astonished by the scintillating qualities and the originality of his music. Performances followed and audiences became enthusiastic about Kattenburg’s compositions. This CD, featuring an overview of Dick Kattenburg’s chamber music works, was produced so that a larger audience will be able to enjoy his music. This album is dedicated to his niece, Joyce Bergman-van Hessen, who supported this project with great dedication.

Leo Smit Ensemble:

Irene Maessen-soprano
Eleonore Pameijer-flute
Ursula Schoch-violin
Emi Ohi Resnick-violin
Ásdís Valdimarsdóttir-viola
Stephan Heber-cello
Marcel Worms-piano
Lodewijk Crommelin-piano
Marieke van der Ven-tap dance

1. Allegro Moderato for Viola and Piano 9:16
2. Pièce for Flute and Piano 3:51
Escapades for Two Violins
3. Intrada 1:55
4. Romance 3:27
5. Rumba 2:55
Palestinian Songs for Voice and Piano
6. Kadima 0:49
7. Sowewoenie 1:21
8. Teen Kateef 1:50
9. Zecharja 2:50 10. Simcha Jeroesjalajiem 0:56
11. Sjier Ha-emek 2:35
12. Teechezakna 1:15
Compositions for Piano 4 Hands
13. Lied ohne Worte 2:49
Deux Valses
14. Valse 1 0:55
15. Valse 2 1:50
16. Blues 2:07
17. Tapdance (with tap dancer) 1:59
18. Romanian Melody for Violin, Cello and Piano 2:54
Sonata for Flute and Piano
19. Introduzione 3:39
20. Intermezzo 4:59
21. Fughetta 2:15
22. Tempo di Blues for Piano Solo 4:25
23. Alla Marcia for Violin and Piano 4:57
Quartet for Flute, Violin, Cello and Piano
24. Alla Marcia 4:25
25. Andante dolorosa 5:02
26. Allegro assai e giocoso 4:42

"Hyper-eclectic music, full of wonder. Kattenburg is clearly a natural talent, absorbing and processing all influences. For example, in the Flute Sonata, Gershwin's mark - and therefore the influence of jazz and blues - is unmistakable. The work for piano a quatre mains brings vaudeville to mind. The salvaged part of the Viola Sonata also shows a more serious side, with pentatonic influences and tonal changes reminiscent of Bruch." Mischa Spel - NRC Next

"The surprises are big, perhaps most evidently in the music that opens the CD, the Allegro moderato for viola and piano. A small masterpiece." Peter van der Lint - Trouw

"The musicians deserve the highest praise. The cd-booklet is very informative and our understanding of the Dutch music scene around 1940 has increased a bit." Emmanuel Overbeeke - Luister magazine

"The release of this CD is a miracle, and it is nearly impossible to grasp that a young man could compose music between the age of seventeen and twentyfour, under horrendous circumstances, that still brings a smile to your face more than sixty years later." Siebe Riedstra - www.opusklassiek.nl

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