Reveries FC062


Eleonore Pameijer - flute Frans van Ruth - piano

1. André Caplet: Rêverie 4:49
2. André Caplet: Petite Valse 2:37
André Caplet: Improvisations d’après ‘le Pain Quotidien’
3. I. Nostalgique 3:59
4. II. Décidé 0:53
5. III. Balancé 1:51
6. IV. Gracieux 1:08
7. V. Lointain 2:35
8. VI. Vif 2:13
9. Louis Aubert: Introduction et Allegro 5:14
10. Louis Aubert: Madrigal 4:10
Louis Durey: Sonatine
11. I. Nonchalant 3:30
12. II. Lent et Soutenu 1:56
13. III. Assez Animé 2:57
Germaine Tailleferre: Trois Danses
14. I. Pavane 2:46
15. II. Nocturne 1:43
16. III. Galop 1:58
17. Germaine Tailleferre: Pastorale 3:18
18. Germaine Tailleferre: Forlane 2:45
Francis Poulenc: Sonate pour flûte et piano
19. I. Allegro Malinconico 4:35
20. II. Cantilena 3:47
21. III. Presto Giocoso 3:37

recorded in Utrecht, the Netherlands

This CD presents jewels of French chamber music for flute and piano, including the well-known flute sonata by Francis Poulenc, performed by two outstanding Dutch musicians: Eleonore Pameijer-flute and Frans van Ruth-piano.

The twentieth century was, just as the baroque era, a golden age for the flute. Especially in France — Paris was the cultural center of Europe at the time — countless compositions were written for the instrument. The French flute school blossomed under the tutelage of such flutists as Paul Taffanel, Philippe Gauber, Louis Fleury and Marcel Moyse. Their sound was sheer, their vibrato was light. They performed on silver or metal flutes with a diaphanous sound, though using the modern (German) Boehm system modified to French tastes by builders such as Louis Lot and Vincent Godfroy. This was the moment that the flute developed into a virtuosic and full-fledged instrument.

This coincided with a new compositional style in France. Impressionism took over where Romanticism — the last vestiges of which could still be heard in the early works of André Caplet — left off. Following on the coattails of Impression was the more direct and concise movement of neo-Classicism — represented by the Groupe des Six (of which Francis Poulenc, Louis Durey and Germaine Tailleferre were members) — in which elements of jazz and café chantant were not shied away from. French composers gladly wrote for the flute: they were inspired by the pastoral and charming character of the instrument, a perfect medium for their musical ideas.

French composers clearly preferred the flute over the saxophone. For this CD, flutist Eleonore Pameijer made an interesting selection of pieces from the large amount of flute repertoire. The mild dramatism of the instrument blossoms in the compositions by Caplet, Aubert, Durey and Tailleferre, thanks to the warm, full sound of Pameijer and the sparkling accompaniment by Van Ruth. The well-known flute sonata by Francis Poulenc is first class.

Review by Frits van der Waa, Volkskrant, The Netherlands

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