Romances FC071


Romances FC071
Eleonore Pameijer (flute) and Frans van Ruth (piano)

In 1894, Claude Debussy composed the six-minute 'Prélude à l'aprês-midi d'un faune', turning the musical world upside down. A mere 27 years later, Georges Auric wrote in teh magazine 'Le Coq': "Because I grew up during the twilight of the Wagnerian gods and began composing amid the ruins of Debussyism, I feel that any imitation of Debussy in our day is nothing but scavenging." This was a call for a new direction in music by a member of the just-formed Groupe des Six.

This new direction is a point of departure for this CD, a sequel to 'Reveries' (FutureClassics 062), represented here by three members of the Groupe des Six: Auric, Honegger and Milhaud. Not only is this CD an excellent representation of the musical revolution going on in France between 1911 and 1953, it also shows the maturing of the flute into a full-fledged solo instrument, a trend started by non other than Debussy.

Lili Boulanger, the sister of the renowned music educator Nadia Boulanger, is represented with three short compositions. Her music and the works of her colleagues, Elsa Barraine, Alain, Sancan, Sauguet and Koechlin reflect the unknown exuberance and richness of music for flute and piano from the first half of the 20th century.

Jehan Alain
Trois Mouvements (1939)
1. Andante 1'47
2. Allegretto con grazia 1'36
3. Allegro vivace 1'59

Elsa Barraine
Elégie et Ronde (1937)
4. Elégie non troppo lento 2'04
5. Ronde, vif 1'29

Darius Milhaud
Sonatine (1922)
6. Tendre 3'36
7. Souple 2'20
8. Clair 2'44

Lili Boulanger
9. Nocturne (1911) 2'45
10. Cortège (1914) 1'57
11. D'un matin de printemps (1918) 4'59

Arthur Honegger
12. Romance (1953) 2'28

Henri Sauguet
Sonate (1924
13. Allegro 3'11
14. Andante 3'02
15. Presto 2'56

George Auric
Aria (1927) 2'24

Pierre Sancan
Sonatine (1946) 9'36

Charles Koechlin
Quatorze pièces opus 15 (1936)
18. Vieille chanson 0'36
19. Gai, assez animé 0'27
20. Andante espressivo 0'43
21. Moderato con moto 0'49
22. Allegro moderato 0'32
23. Andante quasi adagio 1'14
24. Beau Soir 1'20
25. Andantino 0'53
26. Allegretto con moto 0'50
27. Allegretto quasi andantino 0'37
28. Allegretto 0'45
29. Danse printanière 0'51
30. Marche funèbre 1'53
31. Allegro moderato 0'54

In English and Dutch the word ‘romance’ usually means an idyllic love adventure. Here, as used in the title of this CD, however, it should be understood as narrative, which explains the great diversity of music. ‘Romances’ is a splendid sequel to Pameijer and van Ruth’s earlier CD ‘Reveries’: French flute music culminating in Francis Poulenc’s Flute Sonata. Except for short pieces by Poulenc’s friend Sauguet and his collegues from the Groupe des Six (Milhaud, Honegger and Auric), this CD also includes work by Jehan Alain (1911-1940). Alain, mostly known for his compositions for organ, does not have much in common with the composers of the Groupe des Six. In the melancholic ‘Andante’ from the Trois Mouvements’ (1939) he displays his affinity to Fauré. Did Alain foresee his death, a year later, on the battle field?

Jurjen Vis - Het Financieele Dagblad (the Dutch Financial Times) June 9, 2007

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